#SEUAfinal Special Ediion SES19

Best Female-Led startup

OKRA is an AI analytics company for healthcare providing an online platform that allows healthcare professionals to combine all their data in one place and generate evidence-based insight in real time – including predictions of the future – to save and improve human lives.

Best Founder Under 30 startup

Bolt (former Taxify) is a transportation platform from Estonia, which has become one of the leading ridehailing platforms in Europe and Africa in five years. They are focused on making urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable.

Best Job Growth startup

Mama Organa is a company formed to collect food waste and by adding value to it, to produce organic fertilizers in order to help farmers in growing healthy and clean food. They also provide jobs for socially excluded single mothers.

Best Social Inclusion startup

Kidibot is an educational online platform for 6-18 years old, designed to motivate them to read and learn more, using fun, positive social pressure, contests with prizes, cognitive dissonance, local patriotism and many others.

Best UN Sustainable Development Goals startup

Empowering consumer-led energy efficiency through intelligent data management. The one-stop IoT Platform transforms and enriches data from energy usage into complex analysis enabling operational and resource savings. Machine learning and AI continues to reinvent energy management.